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Day 3: Lantau Island in Hong Kong

Ferry ride to Lantau Island.


On a beach in Lantau.


At the Po Lin Monastery.


Selfie in front of the Monastery.


This Chinese popsicle was really good.


Apparently I am the selfie taking expert.


Today was our first real day in Hong Kong. We decided to do a tour on Lantau Island. The three of us (Narins, Ana, and I) and the rest of our tour group rode across the harbor on a ferry. The group boarded a bus and traveled to a beach on Lantau Island. From the beach we went to the fishing village of Tai O. We rode a small boat around Tai O and then headed toward the Monastery. The entire island was very lush and green. The Buddha statue and the Monastery were very cool. We had a vegetarian lunch that was delicious. After lunch, we explored the village a bit and I got a popsicle that was really good. Finally, we rode a gondola down and had beautiful views of Hong Kong. We ended up coming back to the Airbnb and passing out.

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. Sounds like so much fun.

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