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Day 4: Hong Kong


At the top of Victoria Peak.


A waterfall at the Peak.


Dragon Boat races!


Stanley Beach, where the Dragon Boat races were being held.


Crab at the Temple Night Market.


More food from the market.


Today we rode the subway onto Hong Kong Island and met up with a lady named Idalina. She took us up to Victoria Peak, which provided gorgeous views of the city. After we went on a long walk, we got lunch. I was happy because the restaurant had French fries. Then, we went on a crazy taxi ride down to Stanley. Today was the Dragon Boat Festival, so we were able to watch some of te Dragon Boat races. They were really cool. Furthermore, we walked to the Stanley market, which was very cool. I got some ice cream that turned my mouth blue. The four of us then rode a bush back into the city. We seperated from Idalina and went back to our Airbnb. I got a wicked Frappuccino on the way back. After that, we ended up going to the Temple Street Night Market to get dinner. The food was good. Ana and Narins got crab, and I got chicken. At the market, I ended up buying a few things as well. Our second day in Hong Kong was pretty good.

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  1. Love reading your posts and seeing all your pictures!

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